Make your designs using special beads. Spray with water to set them into your completed design

Aquabead Sprayer

Aquabead Advent Calendar

Aquabeads Advent Calendar

Aquabeads Beginners carry case

Aquabeads Beginners Carry Case

Pet Pouch

Aquabeads Decorators Pouch - Animals

Aquabead Sealife

Aquabeads Decorators Pouch - Sea Life

Unicorn Pouch

Aquabeads Decorators Pouch - Unicorn

Aquabeads Deluxe Studio

Aquabeads Deluxe Studio

Aquabead Princess Cube

Aquabeads Disney Princess Creation Cube

Aquabead Enchanted Studio

Aquabeads Enchanted World

Aquabeads tiara

Aquabeads Princess Tiara

Aquabead sparkly accessory

Aquabeads Sparkly Accessories Set

Aquabead Starter Set

Aquabeads Starter Set