A range of Art and Craft Materials, games and puzzles with a creative bent

Fox Animal Beads

Animal Beads Set

Pirate Ship Puzzle

Barbarossa's boat

Cars Stickers

Cars Thick Reusable Stickers

Chameleon puzzle

Chameleon Art Puzzle

Kaleidoscope Kit

Do It Yourself Kaleidoscope

finger paint

Finger Paint Set - Bright Colours

finger paint pastel

Finger Paint Set - Pastel Colours

Glitter Butterflies

Glitter Boards - Butterflies

Iris Paper Folding

Iris Paper Folding - Dancers

Jumping Jack Dino

Jumping Jacks DInosaur

Knight Stickers

Knight 160 Stickers

Mermaid Stickers

Mermaid 160 Stickers