Knex is a an American construction toy based on rods and connectors. The toy's building system consists of interlocking plastic rods, connectors, blocks, gears, wheels, and other components, which can be pieced together to form a wide variety of models, machines, and architectural structures. K'Nex is designed for older (5- to 12-year-old) builders

k'nex 10 model

K'nex 10 model fun


K'nex Cars Building Set 12 model set


K'nex Dune Buggy Set


K'nex Jumbo Jet


K'nex Motorcycle Building Set


K'nex Power and go racers


K'nex Space Shuttle

k'nex 40 model set

K'nex beginner 40 model building set

k'nex Motorcycle

Mega Motorcycle Building Set